Clamped Good Samaritan Protestor Lives In Car For 11 Days

A protester has been sleeping in his clamped car as he believes he should not have to pay the fine as at the time of the clamping he was helping a blind woman up steps. He is determined to reverse the fine, which he can afford to pay, however Dublin City Council has vowed that the fine shall stick.

Good Samaritan

Kelvin Sheridan (30) was livid when he returned to find his car clamped on Dublin’s Cathedral Street last Tuesday after he had helped a blind lady who was going to mass up the steps of the nearby Pro-Cathedral.

“I don’t think it’s right that a person can be clamped for doing what I did.”

“I want this to end so I’m asking the clamping company to take off the clamp.”

However, Dublin City Council bosses are refusing back down, insisting that cars are not released without the 80 euro fee.

“This vehicle was clamped on the instruction of the gardai,” a spokesperson said.

“There is process if a motorist feels they have been unfairly clamped.”

Kelvin, who has been receiving sandwiches and tea from passers by, admitted that he hasn’t been sleeping or eating well.

But he isn’t giving up.

“I can’t leave my car,” he argued. “If I do the gardai will impound it and then I will have to pay the 135 euro release fee as well as the 80.”

Thanks Sunday World


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