Students take pictures of school lunches

This images are truly stomach churning.

Considering the childhood obesity epidemic that the Western World is facing, it is not surprising that children may be eating too much processed food. However what is surprising is that those who should be providing nutritious alternatives (Governments, schools, hospitals) are not.

In the US, a company Fed Up, encouraged students to send in pictures of the lunches they are being given at school. Thanks Twentytwowords

They received 7,025 images. Here are some of the worst.

Salisbury steak

Salisbury Steak

potato wedges

Potato Wedges







Noodle surprise

Noodle Surprise (The surprise being that it is edible)


This is meant to be nachos

Chili dog and cheese fries

Chili dog and cheese fries


I don’t know what this is but it is called Beefaroni


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