Getting a child to pose long enough to get a decent portrait is a struggle for many photographers. However in the early days of photography they had a fairly ingenous way of getting babies/toddlers to pose for a photo. Mothers of the infants would sit the little ones on their laps while they disguised themselves so that they ‘blended’ into the background.

See if you can spot the parents…..

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Number 1

Portrait sessions in the late 1800s ‘were challenging for sitters because of the low emulsion sensitivity and consequently lengthy exposure times,’ experts at Sewanee University of the South told Digg.

‘In the case of children, one stress-reducing device for keeping them still was to cloak mothers and disguise them as a support on or against which the child rested.’

Thanks Dailymail


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