Andy Kaufman’s ‘daughter’ appears in public and claims the comedian is still alive

Okay here is the back story for anyone who is unfamiliar with delightfully crazy comedy stylings of Andy Kaufman. The American performance artist gathered a cult following due to his disdain of traditional joke telling, his elaborate pranks and his commitment to character. Therefore it is no surprise that when he died from a rare type of lung cancer in 1984, rumours circulated that his final prank was to fake his own death.

On Tuesday these rumours went into overdrive when a 24-year-old woman came on stage at the Andy Kaufman Awards and announced that she was Kaufman’s daughter and that he was alive and well.

The woman arrived on stage after Andy’s brother Michael had explained to the audience that he had discovered an essay written by Andy that explained his plans to fake his own death. According to Michael the essay stated that Andy would reappear at one of his favourite restuarants on Christmas Eve 1999.

Michael explained that he went to this restuarant and asked for a table under one of Andy’s pseudonyms. Andy wasn’t there, but a waitress gave Michael a letter from Andy, saying that he had wanted to go into hiding and live a normal life with a woman he had fallen in love with and their daughter. The letter asked that Michael didn’t say anything about Andy’s existence until after their father, Stanley, had died.

Sadly Stanley died this summer. A month later Michael received a call from Andy’s ‘daughter’.

Here is what she had to say

Thanks Telegragh



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