LSD Is Good For You, Says Norway

Those pesky Norwegians are at it again.

So the ‘Liberals’ from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology  in Trondheim have had the gall to actually study the effects of LSD….the cheek. Here are their very interesting conclusions;

There were no significant associations between lifetime use of any psychedelics, or use of LSD in the past year, and increased rate of any of the mental health outcomes. Rather, in several cases psychedelic use was associated with a lower rate of mental health problems.
In a separate study it was noted that a dose of LSD could treat alcoholism.
Bring on Electric Picnic!

Brian O’Driscoll Being A Hero


Was having a crap day and then saw this photo.
Irish rugby player, Brain O’Driscoll, visiting a little girl in hospital with the Heineken Cup.
THE MAN IS A GOD. Fact. Brian O'Driscoll Being A Hero

One Year On.

Brian O’Driscoll visiting the same girl with his bicep.


Around The World In 162 Skypes

Comedian Mark Malkoff managed to celebrate Skype’s 10th Anniversary in style by connecting with as many people from different countries around the world as possible.
Impressively he managed to Skype with people from over 140 countries in just ONE WEEK! By the end of the project he managed to reach 162, including some areas in the World that one would have thought impossible to connect to……yes that’s right IRELAND! – Enjoy

Students Invent An ‘Anti-Cheating Hat’ For Exams!

This excellent photo of students in a university in Bangkok has hit the internet hard and gone viral!


The students came up with the idea of the headgear as part of their ethics class. The professor of the class explained that the students wanted to take a creative approach towards preventing cheating. In case you are thinking that wearing the blinders themselves is ethically questionable, the students wore them voluntarily and did so in jest.

However, due to the hilarity of the photo and the very nature of sharing on the internet the university in question has banned the use of the headbands……

Darn it!